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Where and why to wear Promise Rings For Couples?

How to wear the wedding ring and engagement ring before and after the wedding ceremony? Here are the best answers between superstitions and traditions.

There are many important jewelry pieces, but none can make a difference in your life like these two rings. Try them and believe them! After explaining how to select the perfect ring for a wedding proposal This guide will help you figure out how to wear it before as well as after the wedding. It also contains interesting facts about the history of these myths and beliefs.

1. Where should you put the Couple Jewelry Sets

The wedding ring is to be worn on the ring-finger of the hand because, according to an old belief, it contains the vein that goes directly to the heart. This is a method to assign this ring the responsibility of guiding emotions to the heart and making sure that you are happy. In Italy, the ring is wore on the left hand. However in other nations like Spain and Greece it is worn right. It is believed that wearing the wedding ring prior to the wedding brings bad luck to every country.

2. Where to wear the engagement ring

Do you prefer either an emerald or diamond? Whichever stone you choose make sure you wear the engagement ring on your left hand until your wedding day. The morning of the infamous 'Yes, I do', move it to the right for a simple matter of convenience. Do not purchase the engagement ring along with the wedding rings, as it can bring bad luck!

3. What happens following the wedding?

After the fateful day these two jewels represent the symbol of your irresistible union can go back to being together on the ring finger of the left hand, with the exception of the occasions listed above, where it is more appropriate to take them off.

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